Pastor Barry's "Chapter & Verse" Day 338

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Pastor Barry's  "Chapter & Verse"  Day 338

December 4;      I Thessalonians 2:12;       184/260(III);        ‘Walk Worthy’

1 Thessalonians 2:12 that you would walk worthy of God who calls you into His own kingdom and glory.

In verses 9-12 Paul shares with the congregation of the church in Thessalonica how hard he labored preaching the gospel.  Paul conducted himself in a manner that honored the Lord.  He ministered to the church just as a loving father does to his children. Paul did this because he loved these believers.  Paul believed that what he taught, how he lived and his care for them as a father does his children, would impact their lives in a mighty manner.  The New Living Translation translates this verse as ‘Christians living in a manner that God would consider worthy.’  That has to be the goal of ministers for Christians they minister to.  Working hard to teach the Word accurately, living an exemplary life and caring for believers as if they were their own children.  The result of this will be that many who sit under this minister, will be profoundly affected and walk worthy of what God calls them to.  God’s kingdom and His glory will be ours to enjoy forever.  Another way to look at this is the kingdom of God begins when we become born again.  The eternal blessings we will enjoy with the Lord start now.  What is legally ours, based on the Word, belongs to us now.  The glory of the Lord, which is the manifested presence of the Holy Spirit can be experienced now as well.  The Apostle John inspired by the Holy Spirit tells us the Lord has no greater joy than when a Christian walks in the truth (3 John 4).  The goal of a minister is the reality of this.