Current GFC Projects

Take part is this "barn raising" fundraising. We are refinishing this barn to make it look as awesome and classic as we can make it. 
To give any amount mark "BARN" on your offering

Help us raise $50,000 to pave the back area of the parking lot and create 50 more parking spaces!  Sponsor a space for $1,000 or section for $200.
To give any amount, please mark 'PAVE' on your offering envelope.
Let's pave the way for more family!


Completed GFC Projects


"Kitchen Appliances" Project #3 

"Have a Seat" Project #2

We are excited with all the progress we have made on or new church!!  Our new Building Project #2 is for providing 320 brand new chairs for the main sanctuary. Sponsor a chair for yourself, your family, and all your VIPS's for $50 each. Please clearly mark 'Chairs' on your offering envelope when you give.
Thank you!

"Clear the Land" Project #1