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Pastor Barry's "Chapter & Verse" Day 221

Posted by Pastor Barry Fredericks on

Pastor Barry's  Chapter & Verse"  Day 221

August 8;   Matthew 11:1;   11/260(II);   ‘Jesus the Teacher’

Matthew 11:1 After Jesus had finished instructing his twelve disciples, he went on from there to teach and preach in the towns of Galilee.         NIV

In chapter 10, the Lord Jesus, empowered the twelve disciples to heal and cast out demons.  He then gave them instructions concerning their ministry.  Jesus spent a great deal of time teaching His disciples to assist Him while He ministered on the earth and to continue His ministry when He returned to heaven.  Having instructed His disciples they now went into all of the towns of Galilee.  Mark 6:6 tells us that when Jesus was rejected in His home town of Nazareth, because the people only knew Jesus as the Carpenter, that He went to the surrounding towns in a circuit and taught the people in each town.  The Lord Jesus’ ministry, though it lasted only three years was ‘chock full’ of teaching, preaching and healing.  This is exactly what Matthew 4:23 and Matthew 9:35 teach that Jesus did.  There are a great number of verses in the gospels that tell us that the Lord Jesus taught the people.  The Jewish people knew the Law.  By this time, many of the teachings of the religious leaders were out of books they wrote and had nothing to do with the Word of God.  Jesus taught them about God the Father and how much He loved each of them.  Jesus’ disciples, as they traveled with Him, learned by His example, not only the truths the people needed to be taught, but the loving and kindly way He ministered to them.  The disciples were there primarily for ‘crowd control.’  Their turn to minister would soon be upon them after they were baptized in the Holy Spirit.  Instructing His future ministers by precept and example.  Diligently teaching all of the people in all of the towns.  Jesus showed us how to do it.


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