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Pastor Barry's "Chapter & Verse" 2018

Pastor Barry's "Chapter & Verse" Day 186

Posted by Pastor Barry Fredericks on

Pastor Barry's  "Chapter & Verse"  Day 186

July 5, 2018;       Mark 3:8;       31/260(III);       ‘Miracles Draw People’

Mark 3:8 and Jerusalem and Idumea and beyond the Jordan; and those from Tyre and Sidon, a great multitude, when they heard how many things He was doing, came to Him.

The miracles Jesus did caused two things to happen.  It infuriated the religious leaders because Jesus did what they could not do and they would eventually kill Him because of jealousy.  More importantly, word of mouth spread incredibly quickly, concerning Jesus and the power upon Him to heal.  The Lord Jesus came to redeem us from sin and sickness by taking our sins and sicknesses upon Himself on the cross.  Jesus is our Redeemer.  Additionally, the Lord was our Example of how to live and what to do.  The miracle anointing of the Holy Spirit was upon the Lord Jesus, enabling Him to teach and preach with great power and authority.  That same anointing of the Holy Spirit caused miracles to flow through Jesus.  In this passage, the people just had to touch Him and they were healed.  The power was that strong upon Him.  This is what you need to see, this is so vital.  Again, the Lord Jesus is our Example.  He told us that as His Father sent Him, He sends us (John 17:18).  It is imperative for every Christian to be baptized in the Holy Spirit with the initial evidence of speaking in tongues.  That brings the power of the Holy Spirit upon us, just as it was upon Jesus.  That power allows us to share the Word of God with great authority, just like Jesus.  That power is upon us and flows out of us to heal the sick, just like Jesus.  The supernatural must be a natural outflow of the Holy Spirit in our lives.  Religion hates this.  Jesus told us to do this.


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