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Pastor Barry's "Chapter & Verse" 2018

Pastor Barry's "Chapter & Verse" Day 11

Posted by Pastor Barry Fredericks on

Pastor Barry's  "Chapter & Verse"  Day 11

January 11, 2018;       Acts 27:34;       116/260(II);       ‘New Person in Charge’

Acts 27:34 Therefore I urge you to take nourishment, for this is for your survival, since not a hair will fall from the head of any of you."

 Paul the prisoner, was being brought to Rome, to stand before Caesar.  In Fair Havens, the Holy Spirit spoke to Paul’s spirit, telling him that if they continued their sailing to Rome, there would be great disaster for the crew and the ship.  Paul shared this with the men of the ship, but the centurion was persuaded to continue sailing, after he spoke to the helmsman and the owner of the ship.  When there was fair weather, the ship put out to sea.  Not long into their journey a powerful wind arose.  The wind had a name, called Euroclydon.  For three days the crew did everything they could to save the ship undergirding it with cables and lightening the ship by throwing the cargo and the ship’s tackle overboard.  After several days at sea, without the sun shining or the stars at night, the crew gave up hope.  At this point Paul stood up and spoke to the crew, telling them they should have listened to him and not sailed from Fair Havens.  There is no point in telling others bad news, if you cannot follow the bad news with good news.  The Holy Spirit did not just share with Paul, so that he could criticize the Roman centurion and the crew.  Paul went on to say that an angel appeared to Paul and told him that Paul had to go to Rome and that the Lord would save the entire crew.  They approached an island and some sailors tried to escape in the life raft, Paul told the centurion to stop them, and he did.  Paul encouraged the men to eat food and they did.  Paul, the prisoner on his way to Rome, to be martyred, became the ‘captain of the ship.’  The Lord, if you follow Him, will eventually, have others follow you.


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