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About Us

Our Mission:

Every believer duplicating the ministry of Jesus Christ

  • His Love
  • His Character
  • His Power
  • His Message

We are a Born-Again, Spirit-filled Church, that believes a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is foundational for success and fulfillment in life. We also believe that God is a miracle working God, in Whom nothing is too difficult.

We emphasize the principles and standards set forth in God’s Word. God’s love is caring and giving to everyone, and we endeavor to show that same love for people, as God stands with His heart open wide to all of humanity.

If you are looking for a church home, we at Grace Family Church would like to say to you “Welcome Home!!”

We believe our church to be a warm and friendly place where you can sense both the presence and love of God when you come through the doors. Just like our bodies need a ‘natural home’ for warmth and encouragement,  Grace Family Church is a home for your heart! “Welcome Home”!

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